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About A History of American Express

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As an unashamed fan of successful businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit, I have long been facinated about how truly global powers began life, how they evolved, and how they flourished. Every big company or conglomerate has a back story, and each story is as unique and as individual as the companies themselves.

And the story of American Express does not disappoint.

In a world of transient companies, boom and bust economies, shifting power basis, a lawlwess internet market place, and an ever changing technological environment, who will still be around in 20 years?

The bright, innovative companies, the businesses with foresight, and the businesses with the resources and acumen to know when to ride the storm. If you want to know where a company is going, just look where it has come from.

Michael Fawcett

American Solutions For Business in 2015

What next? A History of American Express


From it's pioneering roots, to the cutting edge global corporation it is today, American Express represents the All American Dream in its complete glory.

We have brought togther an account of the history of this company, from its inception through to its innovative and technologically cutting-edge operation that it is in 2015. It is a story that reflects true grit and determination, and is the perfect example of how one good idea, the right team of people, and a lot of hard work, can result in bountiful rewards and un-hoped-for success. The tale travels across the new frontier into two world wars, it's own conquest of Europe and onto world domination. It tells of how it has thwarted organised crime and negotiated with Presidents and the Banks, and won.

Read on to learn about the real-life hero's, who, standing firm in the face of adversity, triumphed over numerous crisis and setbacks, to emerge as some of the most successful businessmen of all... see: A History of American Express

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