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What next? Vice-President Paul W. Bradford

Vice-President Paul W. Bradford

After 11 Rue Scribe, 6 Haymarket in London is the largest and most important American Express office abroad. From it is managed all the great business of American Express in England, which includes maintaining offices at American Air Forces bases for the convenience of our troops stationed there. Until recently it was in charge of Vice-President Paul W. Bradford.

Bradford a typical American Express career man and is slim and blond, with an engaging personality. He joined the company in 1920 and attended the first training school in San Francisco, where his initiation into the business was unexpectedly exciting. While he was a teller in the San Francisco office, a bandit attempted to hold him up. Bradford stalled for a few moments until the gunman was momentarily distracted. In that instant of inattention, Bradford leaped to the back of the office and seized a revolver. As the bandit fled through the front door, Bradford dashed out the side entrance.... see: Vice-President Paul W. Bradford

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