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WHEN J. C. FARGO wrote his brief resignation, an era ended for American Express. It was typified by the sombre, dignified portraits of the former presidents that hung on the walls at 65 Broadway. The new president, George Chadbourne Taylor, made a symbolic gesture when he ordered the pictures taken down and presented to various institutions that wanted them.

Taylor was as different from his predecessor as any two men born in the same country could be. He was florid and handsome, with a long, beautifully shaped head and smiling eyes. He was physically quick, quick in judgment and action, a man who would jump up from behind his desk to meet one at the door of his office. He was quick, too, of temper; his anger was spectacular and his language scorching. A warm and friendly man who could curse you out for a mistake and make you love him while he did it. Once he said to Ralph Towle, who then headed the Travel Department, "Ralph, if you want to... see: THE EXPRESS COMPANIES COMBINE

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